Inshot VS Kinemaster – A Perfect Comparison Guide


Video editing has become a trend all over the world because a great revolution of social media occurs in our lives. People want the best editor for editing their videos more precisely. For that purpose, people mostly search for the best video editors throughout Google.

They find many options and get confused about which one would be the best compared to the others. Most people also asked for inshot and kinemaster to find out which one is the best for editing their videos. For helping you in this situation, we brought a comparison guide for you. Today’s article will give a complete and clear comparison of inshot and kinemaster.

Inshot VS Kinemaster – Let’s Start The Battle

We will tell you all the functions of both the applications separately and then give the major difference table at the end so you will get the exact difference between them. Without wasting time, let’s look at their working mechanism and features one by one:

Inshot Video Editor

Inshot is a free video editing application that you can easily use on your android and IOS devices. You can get it from the play store or our website from the given download link. It is a light weighted app that can run on all the versions of android and IOS. As we say, it is a free application, but you can also make an in-app purchase to get and use the more advanced premium features. But the free version has enough features and functions that do not let you down, and you can still edit the best videos by using it.

The app gives you the following amazing features and functions to use and create professional videos easily.

  • Create videos from photos and music.
  • Split various video parts amazingly.
  • Get videos in HD Resolutions.
  • Can rotate the video at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • Offers stunning effects
  • You can insert text
  • Apply animations
  • Add memes into videos
  • Control the speed of videos.
  • Create outstanding slow-mo videos
  • Add filters
  •  Can adjust light, saturation, temperature, and contrast.
  • Reduce the size  of video without having any effect on the video quality/
  • Free to download
  • Up-to-date user Interface
  • Amazing font styles
  • Spectacular graphics
  • Stunning Sound Effects
  • Intuitive and easy controls
  • Convert Files To MP4
  • The new update of the application gives the opportunity of converting your video clips into MP4 format.
  • Used By Anyone
  • Perform various multiple functions, edit the video clips, photos merged videos,
  • Share to other applications
  • Edit your videos to the next level of modernity
  • Easily Import Photos & Videos
  • Set up your video settings like you can increase the brightness, hues, saturation, exposure, sharpen, highlight, shadow, temperature, fade, vintage, etc.
  • Cut and compress videos as per your requirements.
  • remove the background of any video and photo
  • Make a collage by selecting many photos from your device.
  • Add Cinematic Bars
  • Add Zoom In & Zoom Out Effects
  • Can add multiple layers
  • Add your PNG logos
  • Voice changer.
  • Select the screen ratio as per your requirements.
  • Crop video & Photos
  • Can flip the video & photos

Kinemaster Video Editor

Kinemaster is also another best video editing application that you can use on any device, android, windows, IOS, etc. you can make changes to your videos and photos by using this application. You can download it free of cost, and you can get it from the play store or our website by clicking on the given download link. It offers some free and premium, and advanced features you have to pay a hefty amount. The free version of the kinemaster offers you the following features:

  • Adjust the filters of your videos and images
  • Flip the videos & photos
  • Use blending mode and apply different effects to your videos
  • Add voiceovers
  • Add voice changes
  • Control speed of the video for making it faster or slower
  • Add Animations
  • Add Transitions
  • Text
  • Add music
  • stickers
  • Export videos at up to 4k 2160p at 30 frames per second

Which One Is Bes Inshot Or Kinemaster?

We have discussed all the features of both applications now we will create a specification table to enhance the comparison between them.

Operating Systems Supported InShotOperating Systems Supported Kinemaster
Audience Of InshotAudience Of Kinemaster
Anyone who wants simple, easy, with a wide range of effective features and functionality.Anyone who wants an advanced video editor with few and limited features.
Cost Pay For InshotCost pay for kinemaster
Free VersionFree Version
Free Trial🚫Free Trial🚫
Paid Premium VersionPaid Premium version
Cost Per Month For Advanced Features$3.99Cost Per Month For Advanced Features$4.99
Overall Ratings of InshotOverall Ratings of Kinemaster
Popularity Of InshotPopularity Of Kinemaster
It is more popular than kinemaster among people worldwide because of its simple and easy GUI and free amazing features.It is less popular as compared to the inshot because it has a little bit of tough GUI and limited free features.
Even a newbie can edit video precisely because of the easy and user-friendly interface.The newbie finds it difficult about how o use it for the first time.
Inshot No. Of DownloadKinemaster No. Of Download

Final Verdict

We have discussed everything about the inshot and kinemaster. They have so many similarities, but as our verdict regarding this, it is clear that the inshot is better than the kinemaster. Because inshot has many features that are helpful for all types of users and can be easily understood by anyone throughout the world

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1: Is inshot the best video editing application?

Ans: there is no doubt that inshot is the best editing app for android and IOS because its free version offers such amazing and impressive features that are unbeatable by any other app.

Q 2: The headquarter Of Inshot Located In Which Country?

Ans: In shot’s headquarter is located in China because the app was developed by a Chinese company.

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